30-Mile-Dive with Scott Cassell

On September 17, 2011 combat diver Scott Cassell attempted an non-stop, uninterrupted scuba dive from Catalina Island to Los Angeles.

Cassell’s dive was plagued with equipment problems from the start. A malfunctioning dive bell – critical in an uninterrupted dive – crippled the journey and lead to a risky underwater tank change that nearly cost Cassell his life.

He was forced to surface. But he pressed on with the dive anyway – even after losing consciousness from extreme dehydration - and, after being towed on an underwater sled, completed the transect of the channel approximately 12 hours after departing Catalina.

Cassell’s tenacity is inspiring. But he didn’t do this dive to impress anyone. He did it, as he often says, for the sharks. Sadly, he didn’t see a single one on the dive.

This unprecedented expedition to raise awareness about declining shark populations throughout the world was made possible with the generous support of Luminox watches, Captain Chris Wade and his research vessel Sea Watch.

Captain Wade and his experienced crew put in countless hours before the dive preparing the vessel, providing accommodation for the production team and supplying the resources and network necessary to attempt such an extreme endeavor.

Without their can-do attitude, professionalism and absolute focus on the mission, none of this would have been possible. Global Reef and Undersea Voyager Project are proud to have had the opportunity to work with Captain Wade and the Sea Watch crew. They exemplify the determination and commitment necessary to make a positive environmental impact.

We are indebted to their efforts and honored to have had the chance to partner in raising awareness for the sharks and our oceans. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make 30-Mile Dive possible.

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